Hello, I'm Lotti! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I come from the African savannah and have a long way behind me. I had been on holiday to germany a couple of years before and then decided to live here forever. The people are really friendly and helpful here!
I grew up in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Days are hot and sunny here. We have temperatures between 20° and 32° C. So, I had to get used to the wet and cold German weather. I have been a part of the Schuchmann group since 2011 and feel very much at home here.

Traveling is one of my favourite hobbies. At least I have been to Venezuela and went to Barbados before. I really would love to discover the whole world. Maybe some of you can take me with you on your next vacation? That would be great! I fit into your luggage, even if it is hard to believe.

You may ask yourself what I do all day long! My job is to give you some advice; I help you, if you have any questions. I give useful information and sometimes explain complicated things. Of course you can also squeeze and hug me. That's what I like most!

So, see you! Bye for now.


Me on a plane.
Me on a boattrip.
Me at the beach.
Me on vacation in venezuela.


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